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Are you a start-up or a hidden champion in yourindustry? Is your design and marketing team non-existent or lacking in horsepower? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We are chief marketing officers (CMO) for hire. Like a SWAT team, we get in with a plan, solve the problem, and we get out when you need us to. Quickly. Efficiently. Effectively.

We turn up the volume on your value proposition and sing it loud and on pitch, into the marketplace. We are a highly experienced group of global technologists, brand ambassadors, graphic designers and customer advocates. All in one affordable little bundle.

We believe great marketing distills all the global, multi-disciplinary and cross-industry knowledge into one function that reaches every nook and cranny of an organization. We promise to volumize and personify your brand with beauty and brains. 


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Meet Jane. Having spent the last 28 years decades guiding some of the world's most recognizable brands, Jane Lalonde brings practical experience from the highest level of brand and creative management ...more »



Plug into our Match Playbook

Hub for hire

Every day, the marketing playbook is transforming radically. At MatchCMO, we believe modern marketing has a hub-and-spoke structure. The CMO is in the middle, with roles akin to product manager, marketing strategies manager, advertising director, PR manager, market-research director, designer, copy writer and social media director creating the spokes and rim of the wheel. Silos are finally nonexistent; the integration and interconnectedness of this new model enables full coordination of all constituents. 

We’ve assembled a formidable cast of expert “spokes” and a proprietary “Match playbook” methodology that is powerful, tactical and seamless. We Study. Think. Innovate. Commit. Plan. Design. Prototype. Measure. Correct. Integrate. 24/7.

Our services fall within the functional mandates of marketing, product management and business development as identified below. We also plug into a wide range of productized offerings from  graphics from our sister company Match Design to global public relations.

Assess: The Deep Dive

Does your brand have a soul? We offer brand review, score-carding, competitive analysis, customer profiling,customer intelligence/VOC, SWOT, MRD, organizational readiness, etc.


Does your brand have a plan? We offer strategic positioning, global messaging, sales channel strategies, product road mapping, brand, communications, go-to-market plan and design execution/launch


Products / globalization, business model, business transformation, customer experience, technology to application, customer to application, idea generation, concepting, messaging


Marketing, product, change management, program management, budget/team/sponsor, success criteria/objectives


Rapid prototyping, Skunkworks, User experience design, mobile/responsive WordPress web frameworks, graphic/web/front-end, PRD, sales toolkits, collateral templates, Ccrporate identity systems, style guides, PPT


Content generation, social media, website, case studies/interviews, corporate/product/tagline naming, domain ideas/vetting/purchasing/transfer, web content maintenance, testimonials


Global business development, infrastructure localization, art direction, public relations, product pricing, value proposition quantification, video story-telling, corporate photography, campaign ideation/creation, storyboarding/art direction, scripting/editing, SEO/SEM, offline/billboards/booths/catalogs, third-party vendor management


Solution architecture, requirements / prioritization, platform optimization, back-end programming, mobile apps, hosted solutions,e-commerce, content management systems, web security best practices




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